Spartans 0
Arbroath 0
Scottish Cup (Second Round)


0 - 0


Scottish Cup (Second Round)
Saturday, January 11th, 1997
City Park
Attendance: 410
2:00 PM Kick-off

None. None.

Team Managers
Sam Lynch Tommy Campbell

Starting Eleven
Steve Oliver
Kenny Ettles
Graham McCall
Phil Findlay
Mark Thomson
Roger McKeating
Patrick Durkin
Neil Knox
Milan Govan
Glen Harley
Andy Nixon
Gordon Arthur
Don McVicar
Roddy Wylie
John Gallagher
John Ward
Jamie McCarron
Scott Peters
John McAulay
Paul Morrison
Mark McWalter
Steve McCormick

Mark Burns
Andy Mitchell
Graham McCann
Craig Hinchcliffe
Steve Florence
Steve Scott

Andy Mitchell for Milan Govan (78) Steve Scott for Scott Peters (67)
Steve Florence for Paul Morrison (80)

Roger McKeating (35)
Phil Findlay (62)
Steve McCormick (36)
Steve McCormick (62)
Don McVicar (80)

Red Cards
None. Steve McCormick (62)

Match Officials

Alan Freeland (Referee)

Match Report

On a damp Saturday afternoon, accompanied by hundreds of fans, visited Edinburgh to take on the local East of Scotland League Club - Spartans. The City Park ground was "quaint" - a bigger slope than Easter Road - a stand which no-one was allowed to sit in - a directors box which was a square area in front of the stand which no-one could sit in for our committee to stand in - no flood lights - a "grassy knoll" right round the pitch from where we could stand and watch murder (on the field). Led by a kilted piper, the fans arrived in good voice looking forward to a good game.

The match kicked off at 2 pm (we were playing up the slope) with Gordon Arthur (Tommy's pal) in goal replacing Craig Hinchcliffe - the fans were asking why? First half highlights were the referee blowing his whistle to start it and to finish it, Gordon Dunn and Brian Grant eating hot dogs (they were not playing) and a wee lad kicking the piper. Scott Peters was playing even worse than normal, Steve "Rolly Polly" McCormick did his usual fall over in the box (he could have waited until he had been tackled). Spartans missed an open goal and their keeper did not have to make a save.

Half time highlights were Arbroath Fans slipping in the mud on the "Grassy Knoll" as they changed ends.

The second half was even worse. Steve "Rolly Polly" McCormick got himself booked for telling the referee how to do his job and then sent off for kicking the goalie's ball (he was holding it at the time). One can only hope that Rolly is suitably fined for being an idiot. McVicar also got himself booked for telling the referee what to do. Peters was eventually substituted but by this time they were all playing crap apart from McWalter who was having a great game in the centre of the Spartans defence - every time he was passed the ball he would loose it to a Spartans player. Spartans missed another open goal and their keeper still did not have to make a save. As the darkness rolled in the referee blew his whistle to end the game - Replay at Gayfield on Monday night. Man of the Match - Brian Grant (he was not playing but probably would have scored if he had been) .

The winner will meet "Greenock" Morton, at home, in the next round - last time we met them in the cup at Gayfield we gubbed them.

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Squad Statistics (as at January 11th, 1997)

1996-97 All Time
Gordon Arthur (GK)38 1 - 1 -
John Gallagher27 10 - 65 -
Roddy Wylie27 7171
Don McVicar34 121201
John Ward19 18 - 461
John McAulay24 221631
Scott Peters24 191571
Jamie McCarron25 121121
Paul Morrison22 3 - 3 -
Steve McCormick31 414012
Mark McWalter28 1639424
Steve Florence (sub)25 14 - 1792
Steve Scott (sub)18 171181

League Table (as at January 11th, 1997)

No league table has been added for this season.